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piece of mind 02

I only want to embrace you

taking your hand

to walk you into another world

where dreams become real

and nightmares fade away

I only want to comfort you

holding you tight

tasting your falling tears

swallow your agony

and your deepest fears

I only want to cheer you

laughing with you

sharing smiles

brighten your days

and your darkest nights

I only want to love you

feeling your heart in mine

beating hard

in the ups and downs

of this thorny journey

I only want that much

I only want that less





you, of course, know who you are...


Love rationally...

... is the trend du jour.

I noticed that quite some moments ago. It happened around me and I did have some good insights from few of my friends as well.

What is that thing actually?

It's when you decide to be with someone for a or few rational reasons. Whether materially, financially or any tangible benefits. I.e. you marry a man because he's got your family approval and quite financially wealthy. Well, it's not all wrong, mind you. But there is something much stronger than those reasons. And that thing could be called 'love'.


'Oh no, another crappy romantic love supporter,' say you.

Put any label on me, I don't care. It's only my belief.

Lemme break it down for a while, as they usually say in the Bronx.

A very good friend of mine gave me one example yesterday. Let's say you marry a man because he's able to fulfill your material and financial needs. Oh, he's perfect. Hard worker, skyrocketing career, monthly salary much more than you and I make in year, an appartment in the most strategic place in town. Wow. Even I would marry that man.

But something happens along the way. Let's say after 3 years.

A car accident. Paralyzed. No more work, no career, no salary and no more lush place to live in.

Would you still want to be with him, after being stripped off of all those benefits?

Ok, I'm being quite harsh in my comparison -not mine anyway, actually-

But that shows my point quite clearly.

Anyway, you probably labeled me as the last romantic on earth, so I will take that responsibility from now on.

Love, as I see it.

Finding your love for me should be like this: It's like two indistinct cars crashing in a dark highway with no headlights on, driven by something greater than us.

Love should crash into you and crush your bones and soul together, melting your id into an unidentified dish that spins inside your body.

Irrational? You bet it is.

Plato said once that love is what binds two separate people into one stronger entity. With no apparent reason. It's just there. you can't touch it, you can't even think about it... but you'd feel it. Deep freakin' inside.

Said friend elaborated further. 'love would bind those two people, and make them stronger, and allow them to do greater deeds to their surrounding.'


Don't think. Just feel.

Love is where you don't expect it the most.

Love is irrational.

Live with it.
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