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A bit of my thoughts about life in general and things that keep it worth living...


A prayer...

Dear God...

I am sorry. We are sorry.

For neglecting You.

For being arrogant.

For looking up without seeing You.
For looking down without remembering You.

For opening our eyes without being thankful.
For closing our soul to Your caress.

For walking forward without looking back.
For turning our head everywhere except to You.

I apologize. We apologize.

For tasting your blessings without sharing.
For taking without giving.

For forbidding our heart to love.
For allowing our mind to hate.

Dearest God...

Please give us a chance to redeem.
Please give us a moment to remember You.
To whisper our prayers, to send them through the silent wind... to You.

I will cry. We will cry. We will allow ourselves to dry our eyes. To pray for the departed.

But we will ultimately walk forward, hand in hand, with You.

*There is no words I could write for the disaster victims in Yogyakarta and Middle Java, except a silent prayer I mutter everyday...*
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