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piece of mind 06...

A palpating darkness embracing every corner of this broken soul.
Death wish, who pull you out and put you on parole?
Once again rooting your claws, leading man, you seek your role
furthermore nonetheless wanting more and more control

Make sure, Utopia, a distant lover, you're my cruel mistress,
over and over pounding every single brick of my fortress.
Mirror I spit on for nothing I find no such likeness
of my teared self, a burning foil full of pain, careless..

Confusion, illusion in fusion, perfect intrusion,
allusion of a secretive collusion of dellusions, conclusion?

Q&A, looking for satisfactory answers with the wrong question,
a simple obsession of possession becoming an aggression,
a secession between the one and two; needed discretion.
What more do they want, a depression becoming a confession?

Hell within, heaven much more deeper, what now?
After all the denial, the once more rejected vow,
standing up in front of everyone, raking all the wow,
screaming inside while inevitably you take a bow.

Cry, baby, you cry baby. Let all the tears flow
those dry cheeks are waiting for the final blow
while all your insides are squealing right below.
Delectable pain, thousands neddles slowly grow.

Suffocated everyday in this self-made plastic bag
not enough air, silent curses on my throat, they gag
my sore id and sooner than later, I'll brag my white flag.

"Enough of this!" They said, in cheerful shouts everytime.
Enough of what, I demand. A tall tower I would climb,
and not guilty I would plead, for love is not a crime.
Not until the death clock starts to ring its fatal chime.


Désarroi, déjà roi*?

I read an article in BBC yesterday, it was about the increasing popularity of the extreme-right party, Le Front National, in France. Its supporters is slowly rising in number, lured by the promises thrown by its front man, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Now, Le Pen is the man who once boldly stated that gas chambers in World War II was just "a point of detail", strongly opposed to immigration and, of course, an out-of-closet rascist. Back then when I lived in Europe, he was just someone who shouted for wolves, nobody really listened to him. He was the butt of all political jokes then.

But he changed all the domesticated dogs into wolves. Spinning everything, he played with the basic insecurity that the frenchs always had: jobs. Pointing his fingers to immigrants, accusing them to steal jobs, cuddling the old-school people and waving his middle finger to the youth who really cares. Which is really a problem, because Europe has a good health plan, thus people live longer. Hence the olds outnumber the youngs.

And they would listen to Le Pen. And they would all, God forbids, vote him.

But the problem doesn't stop there.

The other candidats are not exactly good. According to a good friend of mine, Nelly, they are just people who don't consider the youth's expectation. Just some puppets for their own party.

So who are they voting for this April? Anyone but Le Pen.

What does this mean? They're voting for the sake of preventing the bad guy from winning the race.

Why do we have to care about that?

Because it mirrors everything that we, as Indonesians, have experienced with our own political climat. We never really voted someone who really cares about us. We voted someone for the sake of preventing, not believing. And it's sad, really.

My friend said that she cried when she had to choose Jacques Chirac. She did vote him not because she believed in him. Her real candidat was already drowned into the abyss of politic wargames.

Is it really democracy?

Is it really freedom when your shouts is surpressed by the whispers in the parlement building?

Maybe it's time to move our lazy ass and do something about it.

Like a highly political french hip-hop group, Supreme NTM, said, "Qu'est-ce qu'on attend pour foutre le feu?" (What are we waiting for to start the fire?)

The question would be, what can you, me, we do?

I can't really tell for the time being. I'm just guessing that we could do something within our own field. I mean, since I work in advertising, all that I can really think I could do is, you know, doing Public Service Announcement ads to support any good political cause. But the thing is, is there really someone who would start that movement out there?

If there is one, if you knew that that kind of cause exist, please contact me, I would be more than happy to lend my hands. Even for free. Pro bono.

Because freedom matters.

Oh, and I have another project in mind that I would unveil as soon as it solidifies. Until then, walk toward your dreams, guys... see y'all.

* Dismay, already king?
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