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Shorty 005...

Feeling across...

He stares again into the empty space in front of him.

No, it isn't empty. He just erases everything to make a place, a shrine, a throne to a face that he's holding dear in his head.

Her face.

The unreacheable. The Grail.

No, the place isn't empty. People are still sitting, talking, buzzing. It's crowded. Yet, to him, they are all just a faded illusion that melt into a blurred background as she comes crashing once again into his mind.

It's a strange sensation. He finally meets someone who could possibly mean the whole world. For some reasons, she is as distant as the running horizon. The proverbial treasure on the tip of rainbows.

She's everything he ever wishes for. The sheer beauty, the cunning mind and most of all, the glittering eyes that shine like a thousand suns.

No, his heart isn't empty. It's full of unexplainable feeling. Love? Too soon. Care? Certainly.

It's harder than he thought.

Of course.

Life always has one of those twisted unexpected crossroads. One where he's standing right now.

And he chooses to stay still.

A distant beep.

A light on his cellular.

A short message.

Sorry, I can't come...

He smiles.

What a beautiful crossroad.

Somewhere in Setiabudi, you know who you are...


bonne année...

It was a quite different new year's eve for me.

First, my beloved and I didn't do the traditional countdown as we were watching a short film in Anton Ismael's studio. It wasn't until nearly 20 minutes later that we realized that the year has already changed.

Secondly, as we joined our dear friends at Tornado Coffee, Kemang, we were bombed by series of questions.

Yes, it was the moment of questions and answers. Everyone had to make a question about anything and we were supposed to answer to each one of them.

It's kinda like those questions you see in Friendster's bulletin... but live.

This is grossomodo the list of questions, and my answers.

Put in mind that some of us -well, all of us- were quite drunk.

Without further ado.

+ what is your wish that you know for sure that could be realized in 2006?
- writing a book.

+ if you were a cigarette, who would you like to out you in his/her mouth?
- James Dean, in that famous pose.

+ if you were a serial killer, what would you use as the tool of the trade?
- a butter knife.

+ if you were a citizen of Duckville, who would you be?
- that lucky duck.

+ if you were a painting, what would you be?
- the bedroom by Van Gogh.

+ unlimited money, what would you buy?
- a country

+ of any existing invention, what would you like to invent?
- fire

+ what book would you like to be written by you?
- Holy Koran

+ if you could ressurect someone, who would it be?
- Adam, if he's not coming around, then I would have the indisputable proof of the theory of evolution.

+ what would be your epitaphe?
- Lived to live or Almost there...

+ if you were a movie, what would be your tagline?
- "Enjoy the Ride!"

+ If you could create a boy band, who would you put in it?
- Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha... 3 men army.

+ if you were a book character, who would you be?
- Murray Colin in Matt Beaumont's Staying Alive.

+ if you could be ANYWHERE for a day, where would it be?
- Hell... just to check around, see what's going on.

+ if you could be someone's apprentice, who would it be?
- Neil French.

+ what do you wish you had learned, back to childhood?
- writing.

+ if you were a website, what would you be?
- wikipedia.

- if you could take anything form any museum from the world, what would it be?
- T-Rex Bones from Smithsonian.

Damn, the list was actually much longer than that, but since our mind wasn't clear, I kinda forget the rest.

Mea Culpa.

Allright, happy new year everyone, and keep your resolution high enough to make a billboard out of your life.

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