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for granny...

It was my granny's birthday yesterday.

She turned 20.

Well, a bit more than 20.

20 and half then.

Because she was born on 29th of february, so technically she didn't have any birthday yesterday. But well, that's technical.

I congratulated her in the morning, seeing her sitting on her favorite sofa, sipping her tea, singing softly her favorite song. She wasn't even aware that it was her birthday. Nevertheless, I walked to her, and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

She didn't recognize me. She had to ask who I was. I told her my name. Then it happened.

Like magic, sparks danced in her eyes. The hidden smile came out brightening my heart. She grabbed my hand and told me, for the nth time, that my hair looked "modern". I was grinning for she really crushed my tired palm, but I just couldn't let myself go. I wanted to be held by her.

Memories came like a hurricane when I saw her laughing at me. Still about my hair, I presume.

I remember many things we did when I was living with her.

When my dad passed away, she tried her best to cheer me up and acted like a second parent to me, since my mom had two jobs at once. She nagged me when I was being naughty, when I spent the whole afternoon with my friends until dusk. She took me around, visiting relatives or simply going around the town, since her hobby was, no, still is , having little trips with no specific destinations. Only nowadays, at her age, she can't just go out and walk around. She always gave me her candies, and I always picked some jasmine flowers for her and put them on her pillow everyday. The least thing I could do for her.

Then when I was 12, I had to go to Switzerland. My mom being in Germany at that time, my granny kept me company during the trip to Geneva. I was grateful for it was my first trip ever abroad. I was able to return the favor few years later, when she came to visit us and this time, I really had to watch her back, or rather, her little mischiefs, like for example, she was told not to drink coffee, and I really had to do my best to keep her away from that drink.

Of course she outsmarted me when I was sleeping.

There is a special bond between me and her.

I love her very much.

I know she wouldn't read this post, she doesn't even know how to change TV channels with remote.

82 years she lives in this world. So many things she saw in her life and I know there would be more for her to see.

I am very lucky to have a granny like her, who loves me unconditionally, without bothering who I am, my weakness and my sins.

True love.

That I try my best to return every single day.

Thank you, Utik. I love you.
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