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Tired of Ads?

I was surfing just the other day and I was having my weekly dose of advertising news in Adweek. Then I just had a crazy idea trying to type Sadweek instead of Adweek in my browser. And it works! Sadweek is a viral marketing website from a humorous creative agency Humor Dynamics. The content of the site is the spoof of all advertising news. I think it was hilarious. It gives me the insight on how people see the industry and how they can make fun of it. In the end, it serves me as a mirror too... wow... deep thoughts for a funny website... Forget what I say, just go there and laugh.


Hello everyone... how's it hanging?

Yes I know.. I am one lazy son of a gun around here, I admit it clearly, frankly and honestly. Ok, so I didn't update my blog for a gazillion years, mea culpa... but now I am back again, full throttle, giving you the insight of my life. humm, just wondering if I am missed, but anyway.. I am one of the last optimist on earth, so I say.. I know you guys miss me... I have been working my arse upside down these past weeks.. I don't even have time to breath.. hectic... that's the word. Still, I try to use my spare time to browse the net to find interesting places to visit, and believe me there are so many of them. Unfortunately I just didn't have time to put it in here. I am sorry.

You know, I am a very big fan of comic book (sequential art, for geeks). I always answer this when asked why I love them so much. "Escape". That's the word. Escaping from any reality even for only 5 minutes. I mean, I love being in the middle of a slugfest between the X-Men and Magneto, witnessing the wonders of the world with the Planetary. But now that I become older (God, I hate that word), I am looking for comic with more mature material (get your mind out of gutter, guys.. sheesshhh). Now I am becoming fond of "slice of life" comic. One very excellent comic of this genre is surprisingly a webcomic. I definitely want you guys to check it out. The creator is a Korean-American guy, really in touch with reality, and the way he draws. Please hold your jaw, you might drop it somewhere... without further ado.. I present you... Same Difference
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