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A bit of my thoughts about life in general and things that keep it worth living...


Piece of mind 03

Sleepless nights.

Counting every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day.

Eyes locked intensely to the brightly lit screen while the hand is doing a devilish tango with the mouse.

Every single cell in the body screaming a loud yet distant distress call, while the brain keeps pushing itself to the limit trying to convince every inch of the neural system that everything is still all right.

Adrenaline pumping hard, fighting the fatigue marching into the dilemmatic battlefield of self conscience.

Watery eyes.

Dry mouth.

A gargantuan thirst of fresh air and quasi painful hunger for the slight sight of blue sky.

While the time arrogantly trots along the border of sanity.

Unrecognizeable face in the mirror, another stranger within self, questioning the whereabouts of its purpose.

But still...

... the fire is burning in the eyes.

Welcome to my world.

I know who I am...
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