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I like that word.

It means "doing nothing". A situation in which I am for the last two weeks and yes, although for a moment I enjoyed it, but well... my brain becomes a bit lazy and honestly, I kinda miss all the works, the deadlines and those black eyes after a night in the office. But hopefully I will be working again soon.

It's funny when you think of it. When I was frantically working, I dreamed of having free times, doing thing that I always want to do or simply, laying back in bed doing nothing. But now, yeah... you guessed it, I am bored.

To be honest though, I did things that I never thought doing it. For example, I walked in the city at 3 am (really walking, as using my feet, wandering without a specific destination). And let me tell you something; Jakarta ain't that scary at night. I mean, I could walk safely without people bothering me, no traffic whatsoever and the air is quite fresh, until 5 am that is. Well, the case would be different, of course, if you were a lady with tight clothes or a nerdy guy with thick glasses looked confused. But I enjoyed the walk. It gave me a different perspective on the city, its people or simply... life itself. I saw the street singer packing their instruments, readying self to go home and at the same time, a bunch of homeless children waking up to find some fortune in the morning. I talked with a vendor for an hour, and yes, it gave me a new angle to see in life.

Sans job status notwithstanding, I guess I am still pretty lucky. I got a shelter to sleep under, I still got food and I can even surf the net. The morning walk kinda refreshed my state. It told me that I still got things to be thankful of. And yes, I am grateful.

Moral of the story?

Girls, don't put on tight clothes when you walk alone at 3 am... and guys, don't look nerdy... anytime.

I'll keep you all updated on my farniente period. Until then, just care about your loved ones, aight?


Freedom!! (aka lost my job)

This sucks....

I just lost my job. Well, it's not that I am fired or anything, but his excellency The Owner decided to close down the shop (you understand, of course, that the capitals are signs of sarcasm *sigh*). So, let me recapitulate... these past two years, I have been working in an advertising agency, small indeed, but professional as a big one could be. Yes, I admit we didn't win much projects lately, but it is not that we were not trying. Oh, how hard we tried... those sleepovers at the office, hellish working hours. Those are interpreted as blablabla to The Owner's ears. You see, this guy only wants money. One small tiny part of me can't really blame him, but then again, in this industry, money doesn't come easily. We're only two years old, for God's sake.

The worst part, he only gave us 2 weeks to clear the office.

2 weeks... as in 14 days.

How would you feel when you're told that 2 weeks from now, you'll be on the street?

Anyway... now I am sans job status, but it's not like I am being jobless. Fortunately, I still have severals projects and some side jobs too... but somehow I can't stop thinking about my work mates. I hope they could find new things easily and more importantly, as soon as possible.

This is where you are supposed to wish me luck...

Nahh, I am kidding...

Just give me some works.

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