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drunkard fellows...

I remember... well, I lie... vaguely remember... during my past drunken escapade in bars back then, I always had trouble making myself understood by people. I bet you did, or still do these days... And look what I found... a complete guide of custom-made sign language for bars and pubs... well, some are pretty obvious, but the rest... hilarious! So, before you go to some suspicious bar-hopping, learn this language first... but, please, don't drink and drive... so cheers...

search engine

Just found a fun alternative to your usual search engine. Sometimes, using google or yahoo could be boring... you always see the same template or interface... But wait no more... try this search engine, Kartoo... this thing is fun, you got the futuristic feel from it. There is one catch though... you have to have flash plug-in in your computer, otherwise, it wouldn't work... give it a try.


rise and shine

I did have a great weekend... first, a LOT of rest... I spent my Saturday in my bed (farniente, how I love it...), walking through the history of India, in the mind of Saleem Sinai, a gifted child born within the imagination of Salman Rushdie. The book is excellent, I enjoyed every word of it. Travelling through the ups and downs of India, Pakistan... from the view of a boy, born at the exact time of India's Independence day. Trust me, this book is made for everyone, even a superhero comic book geek will get a thrill from it. One thing that I remember the most from this book: for every snake, there's a ladder, and for every ladder, there will be a snake waiting for you in the corner.

And when I finally decided to get out of my bed on Sunday, I went watching Mr. Ahnold, the one and only terminator... the film is surprisingly good, I didn't expect it to be that way. I was just looking for a no-brainer, but well, the film got more in it than ass-kicking actions. A phrase got stuck in my mind... "No fate but what you will make...". Well, another point to ponder here...


still sleepy...

Dear God... please give me time to sleep...

People who work in advertising business must face this problem often... in fact, always. How to know things in people's mind. Melbourne-based ad agency, Dare, has created a unique solution to solve it. They opened a cafe, See Life Differently just under their office, thus creating an environment that breaks down the barriers between the agency and the general populace, or the target segment, if I might say... Now, everyone from CEOs to household wives will drop by to eat, drink, shop and most importantly, integrate with ad staff who use the canteen as a meeting area (maybe a hidden FGD?).

As Dare's Paige-Elise Reade said, "having people in the building gives us a unique insight into what 'real' people are concerned about."

That is a cool idea... hmmmm, I think I will make a satay parlor in front of my office.


cheese anyone?

So... after sleeping for like.. hmmm, 2 hours... I feel great!!... naahh... eyelids heavy... need.. sleep... soon...

But first, are you a cheese lover? I just read an article in fhm magazine on how to make your own cheese... so get your apron ready and start milking those cows...


(makes 2 lbs of cream cheese.. yummms)

10 pints of pasteurised full-fat milk
80 ml buttermilk
2 tablespoons of diluted liquid rennet (add 3 drops to 80 ml of cold water. Rennet is available from specialist cheese suppliers)


1. Heat the milk to 80 F (27 C) in a big pan. Use stainless steel - not aluminium. Stir the buttermilk in well, then add the rennet, cover and leave for about 12 hours until thick.
2. Slap the curds into a pillow case and hang over a bucket to allow the whey to drain off. This takes about 8 hours. When the dripping stops, the cheese is ready.
3. If you don't want to gulp down a kilo of cheese at once, you can keep it for months if immersed in oil.

So, forget Kraft... Make your own cheesy heaven.. har.. har...

or maybe chocolate?

Well... do you always think about that little sweet melting brownish piece... can you finally decide whether you are a chocoholic or not? Doubt no more... try to fill these questions.

Then, if you are one freaky chocoholic... maybe you should join the club... like mingle with others

But if you are not careful, you might end up like this one...


Food Ad How-To

I think this site is made by a student in some Nutrition Class, but somehow the author seemed able to break down the most important strategies in Food Advertising. I really like her Strategies and Tactics section. It is very simple, mind you, not some elaborate observation made some doctorat-degree researcher. But I find that her pagan approach is... simply on the spot.

can you smell what the Ad is cooking?


John Kuraoka, a freelance copywriter, has a good site about copywriting. What I like about it, he gives away many advices on it, even recommends some books to help you go through the hell of words. A visit there should worth every penny you pay for your internet connection...

Still here? Aren't you a bit curious about this site?

some gift, maybe?

I know that most of you have this same problem... a gift for someone. Well, think no more... how about a heart shaped soap, or maybe a digital camera the size of your lighter, or maybe a parcel of land in the moon... or maybe a russian jet-fighter. Don't laugh, these guys have them for real. It's amazing all the stuff they sell.

Go ahead, look around and I bet you'll say "I want one of those!"

On the darker side, I read that George W. Bush is asking other nations to help rebuild Iraq. Well, son, maybe you should learn to clean up your mess yourself...


Neil French

This guy is amazing... I really like how he does his work. His approachs to problems are unique, and somehow, his writing makes readers want to read more... That is an extraordinary talent. For me, he's a genuine advertising bloke. Tip my hat for you, mate...

Enough talking, see it for yourself, just a click away


How are you?

Just been thinking to myself... is this finally the right place to spread my thoughts and passions in life to everyone... maybe it sounds silly, but I do want to share them with you all... yes, you... welcome to my life...
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